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The Changing Landscape of Marketing – II

August 29, 2019
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July 27, 2019
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November 7, 2019

Previously, we discussed about how marketing practices has changed since the advent of different social media platforms and why your presence is important on those platforms. If you didn’t read it yet, click here to read.

Changing Marketing Landscape-II

Changing in the marketing platforms also changed how we interact and market our product for getting people’s attention. Back then, there were only few mediums like television, newspapers, magazines and bill boards by which you can advertise your product and tell people to buy it. In all these old platforms there is a one-way communication. Brands are promoting their products and if people are interested, they buy it. No Questions Asked.

But today connecting with a brand is much easier, now people can contact any brand free of cost. You can promote your product on Facebook pages or through Instagram posts and people can comment or message you for getting more information. These new platforms are providing the two-way communication. So, what is the most important thing you need for getting your prospect’s attention? Just making yourself appear on social media platform is not going to work. There are many businesses out there who are promoting their products but not getting any favorable results.


Because they forget that online platforms are different than other old platforms. Now, just playing your ads on TV or displaying it on billboards doesn’t work very well. Therefore, for selling something you first have to develop a relationship with your prospect. You have to educate your prospect. Don’t just brag about your product because the fact is customer don’t care about your product. If you are just promoting your product and retargeting them with a sponsored ads that’s not going to build a strong relationship with your customer and then there will be no difference in advertising your product on TV and on social media platforms.

Now before buying any product customers searched for information related to that product on Google and then makes a buying decision. That’s why the most important thing is information. Educate your buyer with useful information, tell them how this thing is going to solve their problem, what benefit they will get.

By educating your buyer with relevant information you will have a chance to build a strong relationship with them. Remember, online platforms don’t work like those old ways of marketing. Educate them. But how you gonna do that?



Google is a search engine. New information is coming up every second. There are also some other search engines like Bing, Yahoo Search etc. but Google is the widely used one. As previously mentioned, before buying anything people first searched for the relevant information on Google. Therefore, you have to make yourself appear on first result page of Google by posting relevant information.



A blog is an online informational website where you can write anything, whether it’s your personal thoughts or a product reviews or any other information. You can create your blog by using different websites like WordPress, Blogger etc. Whatever information you write on blog will appear on Google.
You can also integrate your blog with your website so that whenever you post any information, it will appear on your website.



Website is like a personalized online platform. If you are running a retail business you can place your online store related to your products or If you are a graphic designer, you can setup your personal website.
You can setup your website by buying domain and hosting. There are number of platforms by using which you can create your website e.g. WordPress, Wix, Big Commerce, Shopify etc. Many websites offer free templates and plugins for building your website.

P.S. I am using WordPress for my website and blog


e-Books are the digital form of books, people can download and read it in PDF format on their laptops and on mobile phones. It’s a good source of providing information.
You can give free e-Books to your audience related to your products.



Webinar is an online seminar. People from all over the world can book and see your live presentation, workshop or lectures online. You can use platforms like GoToWebinar, WebinarJam etc. for conducting a free seminar for your audience.
For Example, If you are in a manufacturing business you can educate your audience by telling them how certain product is made.

Email Marketing:

In online platform building your email list is an essential task. It will not only help you to grow your business but also to build a strong connection with your prospects.
You can send personalized emails, Newsletters and any update related to your business by using platforms like MailChimp, Benchmark Email, Sender, SendPulse etc.  

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