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Real Success Is Not Measured by Luxuries

November 7, 2019
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August 29, 2019
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May 21, 2020

We are living in a society where success is measured by how much money you have, how much expensive car you drive and how big house you own. We want to be successful in terms of things which don’t matter in the first place. We want to earn more, we want to drive expensive, we want to wear expensive brands and we want to build a big house just to show others how successful we are. Unfortunately, we draw the wrong boundaries in which we represent our success. We have a shot vision of life.

If you ask these so called successful people are they happy? then you will understand that real success is not measured by luxuries.

Different people define success in different ways. For me, I think being happy is more important than owning an expensive car and luxurious house. You will see people with these expensive possessions in your daily life routine. Just look around you and you will find members in your family and neighbors but the amount of happiness they have is very little. Why? Just because they were chasing predefined materialistic success rather than chasing what actually matters, you will see many depressed rich people, mainly celebrities. Do you ever think about why they get depressed even though they have everything and can buy anything they want?

In my perspective, there are things that matter most and measure our success in the long-term rather than in the short-term, which are Happiness, Worthy Relationship with others, Trustworthy Friends and Good Physical Health. I see late Abdul Sattar Edhi as a more successful person rather than any cooperate individual who has a handsome salary. I see Qasim Ali Shah as a successful person rather than any other who owns a big expensive house. If you are chasing the success of money you will win but in the short-term. Sooner or later you will fell in a pit hole and you will be a miserable person, no matter how successful you are in other people’s eyes.

We don’t even have a financial knowledge. We don’t know what to do with a money we have, we are in a competition with others. If our neighbor buys a new car then we also have to, despite the fact that we don’t have enough cash flow to support it. We make our life more difficult but it’s OK because what matter is, other see us successful and rich with iPhone in our hand. Right?

Real success is not measured by luxuries you have. A reasonable mean of transportation, house, cloths and money are necessities of life. This blog post is not against any of these.

As our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ) said:

“Four things are part of happiness: a righteous spouse, a spacious dwelling, a righteous neighbor, and a comfortable mount. Four things are part of misery: a bad neighbor, a bad spouse, a restrictive dwelling, and a bad mount.”

Al-Silsila-Tus-Sahiha (1903)

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