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Motorcycle Girl-Zenith Irfan

April 17, 2019
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May 17, 2019
Zenit Irfan-Motorcycle Girl on her ride

An ordinary girl with an extraordinary dream – Zenith Irfan. A strong and brave girl who took stand for herself and fulfilled her dream by riding a bike alone till Khunjerab Pass and now she is known as Pakistan’s Motorcycle Girl. Until now she traveled more than 20,000 kms on her motorcycle. She is also known as the first Pakistani female motorcyclist to ride till Khunjerab Pass. She is an inspiration for other girls. On 20th April 2018, a film Motorcycle girl was released which is based on the life of Zenith aka Chanda. Do watch her biography film on Iflix to have a look on hurdles and obstacles she faced during her journey.

You can also follow this adventurous lady on IG: @zenithirfan,  FB: Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels and TW: @zenithirfan

I asked some valuable questions and she gave me answers. Let’s find out what she said.

1. Who has been your greatest inspiration?

My father has always inspired me to ride. I was ten months old when I lost him and since I had no memories, I wanted to ride for him as a legacy. My father loved motorcycles and wanted to ride across the world one day.

2. What do you do when you feel stuck, depressed or demotivated?

I usually go for a run to vent it all out. Recently, I have opted to practice some breathing exercises to calm myself. To gain motivation, I usually watch a lot of travel documentaries or something to trigger my creative itch.

3. Did you face any setback, obstacle or failure in life? If yes, then how you overcome it and what you learned from it?

Of course! Life is not a bed of roses and yes, I have had my fair share of setbacks. There is no formula to deal with hardships. I just go with the flow and find myself in the moment. If I want to cry, I cry. If I want to scream, I scream. I have learnt that, the more I suppress my emotions, the worser I feel. It’s all about how you vent out your emotions in a healthy manner and deal with it.

4. What (person, book, quote or advice) greatly influenced your life?

“The trouble is, you think you have time” ~Buddha

5. Which book you would recommend to others and why?

Currently on my read list: “Pakistan for Women” by Maliha Abidi. The book narrates the tales of more than 200 Pakistani women who have achieved a lot in life. A great read.

6. How do you spend most of your time?

These days I am focusing more on my health. A lot of it is spent in the gym or out on the running tracks.

7. What change of habit, belief or behavior improved your life?

Believing myself and most importantly, listening to intuition.

8. What advice you would give to someone starting out on this career path?

Learn to embrace your fears. Learn to deal with unpredictability. Motorcycle riding is no easy business. You will fall, bruise your knees and get scar yourself. But trust me at the end of the day, its all worth it.

9. Anything else you wanna share with people?

Go live! Stop waiting for that one day to arrive when you will visit your favorite or climb Mount Everest. Start now or die trying. Time is of the essence and if you keep on waiting, your time will never come!

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