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Hassan Rauf Awan

August 27, 2020
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July 18, 2020
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January 1, 2021

Do you still remember that story of the farmer who gave the bundle of sticks to his sons and said them to break it but they failed to do so? I bet you still remember that. What was the lesson of that story? Yes, you are right. Unity is strength.

Our Quid, the father of this nation, Muhammad Ali Jinnah also believed in the power of unity, and therefore, he gave this formula of success to his beloved nation in the form of motto. That, unfortunately, his nation lost somewhere in Pakistan. However, the letters of that motto are still displayed in Islamabad. The huge letters affirming Unity, Faith, and Discipline can be seen on the roadside from far away.

Take a pause here and think where we stand as a nation? Are we still following our motto?

I know you will also face the reality punch as I did. Because we are divided, divided on the basis of cast, provinces, sects and political parties.

However, from this divided nation there are some people who took a leap of faith and start spreading their Quid’s motto in and outside the Pakistan.

Hassan Rauf Awan is one of them.

He is a 21-year-old Pakistani entrepreneur who is spreading the message of unity among different nations under the platform of United South Asia. Hassan made this platform to spread peace and unity among South Asian Countries.

South Asia is the second-largest growing economy in the world. Pakistan, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Burma all of these 8 countries are under this platform.

Hassan Rauf Awan at Bethak Poetry Night with Yousuf Bashir Qureshi
Source: unitedsouthasia

His another work that inspired me a lot is Bethak. In Pakistan, where some people treat English language as a class and let down those who speak Urdu or Punjabi, this boy from Hazara is destroying such stereotypes and spreading the Urdu language in the UK.

He holds different Urdu poetry nights like Bethak to keep our language alive even there.

I already wrote a complete article on his background and on his work that you can also read here.

You can also follow him on FB: Hassan Rauf Awan, TW: @Hassanraufawan and on IG: @hassanraufawan

Let’s read his short interview with me and find out what you can learn something productive from him.

1. Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Our Last Holy Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (ï·º)

2. What do you do when you feel stuck, depressed, or unmotivated?

I read the Quran

3. Did you face any setback, obstacle, or failure in life? If yes, then how you overcome it and what you learned from it?

Failures are my fuel, persistence is the key. I look back why I started and move on.

4. What (person, book, quote, or advice) greatly influenced your life?

The Holy Quran.

5. Which book you would recommend to others and why?

The Holy Quran in your own language, will give you Hikmah.

6. How do you spend most of your time?

Analyzing my mistakes.

7. What change of habit, belief or behavior improved your life?

Getting up early.

8. What advice you would give to someone starting out on this career path.

Welcome setbacks learn from them and be persistent.

9. Anything else you wanna share with people?

Set your Goals there is nothing named talent, world doesn’t accept losers, you have to make difference,
And do not go for money in life, go for greatness coz money is the by product of greatness.

Thanks Hassan for your Time.

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