Failure! Why to Afraid

“Failure is the key to success.”

We often hear this quote probably from our parents, or from our teachers. But we failed to understand the true meaning of this quote because we never questioned how failure is the key to success? Why?

Because since from our childhood we were taught to be the number one, to compete with person ahead us. Unfortunately, a lot of credit goes to our parents and the funny part is they are not even wrong because that’s how our society works. Achieve good Grades-Open doors for admission in decent universities. As that’s the only criteria by which people measure the capability and brilliance of the student.

Same thing happened to me. My parents appreciated me whenever I took top three positions in my class but I never got appreciation whenever I got other than first three. With the same mentality I always wanted to be the first, I start competing with others which only promoted envy and anger. I used to think that it’s not good to be failed, getting failed was the nightmare as no one will appreciate that, no one told me that don’t be afraid to be 5thor 6th in class but also strive for the best, I myself felt inferior and loser in that situation. There are many people out there, who I believe went through the same situation in their childhood. 10 Years back I hate being failed but now I don’t.

No doubt parents want their kids to be the best but because of that unpleasant mindset and grooming we still afraid of being failed in our practical fields. We want to be the boss but we never thought to be a leader, to not only focus on being the best but also on helping others, to work as a team. We still afraid to be called as a looser or failure. It all starts from our childhood and that’s what we will pass to our next generation. But the best way to prepare our young generation for leadership is by teaching them the sense of cooperation not competition. 

We all want to be successful but we don’t take risks, we don’t think out of the box, we don’t try something new just because of the fear of being failed. No man become successful without failure, because there are many things which we can learn from our failures, things that will later be helpful for our success. Point which we failed to understand in our childhood is that failure can tell us a lot about our weakness and mistakes, overcoming which can lead us towards success. Failure can teach us a lot of lessons which success don’t. and most importantly failure can teach us how to stay humble during success.

“Falling down is not a failure. Failure comes when you stay where you have fallen” ~Socrate

We can’t change our past but we can change our mindset, a mindset that can help us now and also in future. Instead of updating our mobiles let’s take some time and update our mindset to spend a happy and successful life. Stay Blessed.

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NOTICE: (Our parents treat us in a best possible way to be a good person, I’m not against any parents but that’s the mistake that often unintentionally happens in parenting.)

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    Nice article. 👍

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