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A Story of the Generation Z

July 18, 2020
The Reality of Life
May 21, 2020
Hassan Rauf Awan
August 27, 2020

Unlike previous blogs, this time I have a small story to tell. A story of the Generation Z.

It’s a story of the children who used to woke up early to watch their favorite cartoon show. Every month there was a family gathering and they eagerly wait for this moment of get-to-gather. Where they love sharing their stuff with their siblings. A family gathering was the best event to enjoy cooking together, to share stories, and to watch favorite TV shows at night.

Photo collage was maintained and was the best source to recall old memories. That was a time when children love going out with their best buddies. They were full of energy and therefore climb trees without any fear. They ran around and enjoy long walks in nature. The parks were full and in fact, the best place to find new friends and to spend some quality time. They were happy as they have few quality friends. The environment was surrounded with pleasant breezes of happiness and joy.

They love laying back and watching sky for hours. At night, they stare stars and make shapes out of them. Their hearts were full of dreams, compassion, and love. They have big ideas in their mind and they knew what they wanna be in future.

Time passed and they grew up but everything was changed. Now, they were surrounded by technologies and the internet. They had many platforms that provide insane connectivity. Connecting with people from all over the world was easy and it also increased the chances of success. People moved their brick and mortar businesses to online platforms. Everyone was virtually connected with one another. Their whole life changed because of the internet and technology enhancement.

Now, they have big screen mobile devices with the fastest internet. Their attention was diverted from offline towards the online world. Where Newspapers were replaced by Twitter, Social Gatherings were replaced by Facebook, and Photo Collage was replaced by Instagram. But in a world full of connectivity, they were not actually connected.

Those children, who once had limited quality friends now have millions of friends but yet they only knew few of them. Now, they have platforms where they follow each other and post cool stuff to get liked by other people. Those, who used to be happy were depressed and always in a race to get more likes, views, and followers. Once whose hearts were full of dreams, compassion and love are now full of anxiety and unhappiness. The great ideas were replaced by suicidal thoughts. They start comparing their ordinary life with fake online personalities and influencers and this is how they became The Saddest Generation with Technology.

This Story of the Generation Z is true and therefore many of you can relate it with your life.
It’s time to bring back the old joy and happiness in your life. It’s time to consume online platforms but not to be consumed by them. it’s time to be the greatest generation of all time.

Stop Comparing and Start Living.

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  1. Noor says:


  2. Nimra Waheed says:

    Besttt one so far! ❤💯

  3. Abdul Ahad says:

    Man …… I am a fan already.
    Any ways this was Just exceptionally extraordinary!

  4. Nimra Khan says:

    Agree 💯
    This reminds me of our childhood memories we were full of life
    Only 1990’s kids know those were the best days of life 🌸
    And well-done you have amazing writing skills Ma sha Allah keep it up
    How beautifully you have written 👍👍
    Big Tumbs up

  5. Fatima Sami says:

    Beautifully explained! Worth reading.

  6. Farzeen Almas says:

    Loved the final product 😍 More power to you brother keep creating important and awakening content 👌

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