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The Reality of Life

May 21, 2020
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July 18, 2020

The Reality of Life is simple yet it is not acceptable by many people. The following quote of Moulana Rumi beautifully conveyed the reality of life.

“You do not live on earth, You are just passing through.”

~ Maulana Rumi

We are passing our time in this beautiful world, created by Allah Almighty. He is the one who created us from the clot of blood. We spend 9 months in our mother’s womb and our birth took place. We have to spend a limited time in this world and after that, we have to face the reality of life which is death.

I often think of my death and it makes me sad and arises some questions. If that’s the end then why even I existed? Why Allah Almighty created me if I have to spend some limited number of years in this world and then I have to struggle for my education, my career, marriage, family, children and after that I have to care about their education and suddenly the Angel of Death (Malak-ul-Maut) will appear and say your time has come. When I die someone will born and the cycle goes on. Birth, Work and Death. Human life is summed up in these three words.

Then what’s the purpose of this life cycle. Did you ever think about that or I am the only one whose mind is bombarded with these random thoughts? Maybe you never visualized your death.

“When you know death will come soon, you see things differently.”

~Matt Damon (Downsizing)

After thinking about this for a few days and weeks, I came to the conclusion that we all have some purpose in life. Allah Almighty never created a single thing in this world useless. So, we all have to look for the purpose of our life beyond a career. We are not in this world just to Eat, Sleep, Work and Die in our bed with tons of regrets but to create ease for other people or for the community. The reality of life is beyond the possession of expensive materialistic things. The reality of life can’t be changed as life would be incomplete without death. And I don’t wanna die just like normal people, I want to create some value in people’s lives, irrespective of their numbers. An ending quote from the movie Run All Night hit me so hard and I realized that it’s better to take action now then to regret not taking it. This blog website is also the result of that fear or regret.

“Your life doesn’t flash before your eyes when you are dying. That’s bullshit. It’s your regrets that haunt you in your final moments. Everything you’ve failed to be. Everyone you let down. Everything you’d go back and change, if only you had more time.”

~Liam Neeson (Run All Night)

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  1. Noor says:

    Simply amazing. 👍

  2. Ahmad says:

    Amazing fruitful thoughts👍

  3. Farzeen Almas says:

    People who are depressed although they have everything they need should read this, that’ll enlighten them.

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