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Was 2020 The Worst Year?

January 1, 2021
Hassan Rauf Awan
August 27, 2020
NoBody cares
Nobody Cares
June 26, 2021

Australian bushfire, world war 3 threats, pandemic, Beirut explosion, earthquakes, floods, locusts attack, PIA flight crash, protests against racism (BLM), and multiple casualties including renowned figures. The year 2020 was marked as “The Worst Year in History”. But was it actually the worst year?

Was 2020 The Worst Year In History?

New Year celebration is a common trend. An enormous amount of money is spent by several people to welcome the New Year. For what? Many people don’t have any reasonable answer to this question. It’s just a festival for nothing. However, I always opposed this mentality and I still believe that the current psyche of people to celebrate New Year, for nothing, is absurd. It may hurt the sentiments of some people who justify this act as enjoyment but the reality is undeniable.

Of course, the celebration of New Year 2020 was also done with great enthusiasm. But no one knows what surprise this year had for all of us.

Life is unpredictable and the year 2020 has shown us how fragile human life is. Many mishaps occurred during this year that makes 2020 unforgettable. If I asked you how was the year 2020 then there is a high possibility that you would say “It’s the worst year of my life.” Was it?

Ask yourself what happened great this year? Maybe you would remember 1 or 2 wonderful things or maybe nothing. Our mind is programmed in a certain way, that highlights the negative things more easily than the positive ones. In case, nothing comes to your mind, I want to congratulate you for being alive and successfully escaping the deadly virus.

The year 2020 is nothing in front of what our grandparents had faced during their lifetime. Sitting on a couch and tweeting about the lockdown with the hashtag Worst Year is easy. Fighting for the family and escaping the brutality to get an independent country is not.

No doubt, the year 2020 was an unforgettable year but it is not the worst. And for me, it’s the most productive year. Despite the joblessness that I faced during the pandemic and many other personal problems, I learned a lot as compared to the previous year (2019) and that’s the ultimate goal. To make every New Year more productive than the previous one.

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What To Expect From 2021?

Celebrating this New Year 2021 with magnificent fireworks will not give you any benefit, but the New Year Resolution will definitely do. However, resolution without execution is also worthless. Instead of expecting this New Year 2021 to be good for us, let’s take full responsibility for our actions and try our best to bring the best out of this year.

Warm wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year 2021. Stay Blessed.

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